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ABLE Corrective Chiropractic

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What is CBP?

There is no such thing as a blind adjustment or arbitrary cracking at ABLE Corrective Chiropractic! 

All patient treatment is delivered off of the x-rays that we take on day one, and backed by the most advanced and researched chiropractic technique: Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). While we do follow the basic foundations of chiropractic care, which is to remove interference in the spine through manipulation delivered by the hands of the doctor, Dr. Chung's certification in Chiropractic BioPhysics delivers a whole new level of care that corrects the spine and transforms the lives of patients who qualify for it. (To see if you might qualify, visit our "New Patients" section of our website). 

Traditional chiropractic aims to treat symptoms through aggressive and intensive adjustments and stimulation, stopping when the patient feels relief. (Oftentimes, the stopping point is after a single visit, and we kindly refer patients who are seeking single adjustments without x-ray evaluation to other doctors). However, much like 2 hours of exercise or a single day of eating healthy won't make anyone fit, a single adjustment will not correct a problem with the spine that has been developing for years, or that was just recently cause by trauma (car accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc.). 

With most chronic back pain, neck pain, fatigue, and headache cases, the source of the problem isn’t necessarily a misaligned vertebra, rather a segmental misalignment of the spine. This type of misalignment can stretch and pinch nerves flowing out of the spine, which hinders the brain's ability to send signals to your limbs and organs, causing pain and other disease. 

Doctors trained in CBP identify the segmental misalignment that is the root cause of symptoms and corrects the alignment using mirror-image based adjustments, exercises, and traction. Through restoring the structure of the spine, therefore removing nerve interference – the main culprit of pain, tingling and numbness, fatigue, and disease - patients experience a more effective and long-lasting result. 

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