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ABLE Corrective Chiropractic

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Welcome to our office!

​Dr. Yejong Chung strives to help as many people as possible live their life to the fullest. He consistently and passionately teaches his patients how the body functions and will guide them towards preserving and optimizing their most precious asset, their health.


1. An in-depth evaluation of your pain, posture, and any other health concerns.
2. State-of-the-art digital X-Ray system to assess any spinal damage or misalignment.
3. A comfortable, stress-free environment that you’ll want to come back to.
4. An unparalleled level of treatment that will improve your health and lifestyle.

Your First Visit

Consultation and Spinal Screening

The primary goal of your first visit is for us to learn about you! We encourage our new patients to share their goals for treatment and to be thorough in sharing their health history. Your exam with Dr. Chung will help to identify the source of your health concerns - whether it is the relief of chronic pain, dis-ease prevention, or preservation of optimal health.


During the postural examination portion of your first visit, Dr. Chung will determine if there is any abnormal spinal alignment affecting your nervous system and your overall health. Additional imagining may be required to locate the subluxated areas of the spine that might be interfering with your overall health.


Have your paperwork ready!

To save time in the office, complete your new patient paperwork online before your first visit! 

Your Second Visit

Review of Exam Findings

After your initial examination, Dr. Chung will evaluate your X-rays and create a comparative report to determine whether or not you would be a good candidate for spinal reconstruction.


The findings of your exam will be presented to you one-on-one during your second visit, or "Doctor's Report". 

Before viewing your X-rays, Dr. Chung will go over some critical information that will help you understand the basics of spinal biomechanics.


If you are a good candidate for spinal reconstruction using the CBP method, Dr. Chung will discuss his recommendation for treatment with you and get you started with a care plan that best fits your needs. 


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Regular Visits

Following your recommended adjusting schedule

Once you commit yourself to live a happier, healthier life with the help of chiropractic care, consistency matters most. Coming in for spinal adjustments based on your individualized plan allows your body to initiate and gain momentum in the healing process that will restore your body to optimal health. 


Depending on the results of your exam, Dr. Chung will recommend either CORRECTIVE care or LIFETIME care. The corrective phase is intensive, with more frequent visits and in-office traction (in most cases) that are designed to bring about a correction in patients with more chronic misalignment and symptoms. 


Lifetime Care is recommended for patients who require less extensive correction, in addition to patients seeking preventative treatment. Patients transitioning out of Corrective Care typically move into Lifetime Care to continue with their progression towards optimal health.


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